Thursday, March 24, 2011

Florida Weather

Finally I know now when they said Florida sun is hot. I thought coming from a tropical country, it would be something I wouldn't worry about. But the sun here is blazing, biting hot. I guess part of it is the humidity since we live near the ocean and its location which is close to the equator. The weather here now is in the 80's so it's good, we're happy about that. The only problem is, my husband said this isn't IT yet. So what does he mean by this isn't the one yet? He meant it will become hotter when summer time comes, you see it's spring time now so the weather is nice. But summer will be a different story. Now I can't even imagine that but I guess I will just have to practice dressing the Florida way. As what my husband said, I should start learning to dress the way most people dress here, wear light clothing, shorts and t-shirts. Every time we go out to get something like in the store, I put on some jeans and t-shirt and even bring a light coat. I'm still a little worried it will get cool in the late afternoon. I still remember quite well, the freezing temperature when I arrived here a few months ago but now it's starting to get really warm. 

Florida is flat, you will not see a mountain at all. It's quite different from where I come from, where you can see mountains in almost all directions. Here wherever we go, I see water everywhere and the breeze from the ocean can be warm, a little different from the cool mountain air.

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