Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sluggish Game for Tampa Bay Lightning

Last night was my first hockey game here in the US. It was exciting for me. Our seats were high above but we had a good view. We were seated  behind one of the videographers covering the game. I don't know anything about hockey and who the players were. All I know were the names of the teams but the husband explained the game rules to me before it started so i was able to follow the game. The first part of the game, when the Tampa Bay Lightning scored, the crowd just exploded. It was thrilling to be part of the roaring crowd. But it was a disappointing night though for Tampa Bay Lightning cos they lost 
the game to the New York Islanders. The scores were 5-2. Even I, a Hockey newbie can tell the "Bolts" as they call the Tampa Bay Lightning team were slow, sluggish and flat. They weren't picking up on it as quick as they should. The second and third period, the fighting and elbowing became more apparent. When it was near the end of the game, it was clear the Bolts weren't going to win so the hubby was a little disappointed but even so, we enjoyed the night together.


On our way home we stopped by at the University of Tampa to take a quick picture of the old historic building which was built as a hotel between 1888 to 1891.

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