Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainy Days

I woke up today with the sound of rain and thunderstorms. It's been raining here since monday. It's gloomy and nasty outside. And tomorrow it's expected to be raining still but the weekend forecast says it will be dry and pleasant. Hopefully so, I miss the sunshine!

Update: We are on tornado warning until 1 pm. The rain is just pouring, other counties are almost pitch black. It is indeed a little scary to be in the middle of this and it's not even tornado season yet for Florida.

The severe storm finally stopped in the middle afternoon in our area. But  the strong winds and rain had caused damaged all around with several single engined planes turned-over, big oak trees uprooted, roofs  and windows torn and blown away, cars overturned, flooding and no power in some areas. The weather just turned around from warm and sunny to wet and rainy. Spring rain definitely didn't come gently.


  1. Here in our place,the sun is scorching hot1 it's summer and the aura of beach and vacation is in the air:)

  2. I'm glad the weather is warm and sunny there. Here now we have tornado warning.