Sunday, March 27, 2011

Starting my Garden

I got  a few plants yesterday and some seeds from Walmart. Today I got more seeds, a tulip plant, a seed starter tray, and seed starter soil from Home Depot. I'm planning to make a garden in our backyard. I don't know yet how i'm going to do it but i'll start slowly. A few plants here and there until I can figure out how i'm going to do it. The backyard now sits empty. There are no flowering plants or shrubs. There are a few trees  that the husband want to have cut one of these days cos  one is a big oak tree and he can't stand the raking and cleaning of leaves almost every week. 

The soil in this part of Florida is loose and composed of sand. The soil appears to me like it cannot grow plants and flowers but it can. Below is a picture of the tulip and daffodil I got from the store. They are pretty, just looking at them inspires me to start gardening.


  1. Planting is really fun. we don't have a back yard so i do it on the rooftop. It's more fun when you start from and seeds and watch them grow and propagate. good luck and happy planting.


  2. wow, those flowers are really beautiful! :)

  3. Mannoy - I agree starting with seeds is more fun:)

    Joy - thanks :)