Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol

It's sad to see filipina american idol contestant Thia Megia out from the show. Her version of the song "Daniel" sounded good to me. The other girls have very good voices but they sounded the same to me. Pia Toscano has a very good voice but she sings the same as most of the singers you hear today. Sometimes a simple rendition of a song is refreshing to listen to. I'm not a fan of Naima Adedapo though so it's fine with me. Lauren Alaina and Hailey Reinhart are ok. Jacob Lusk indeed sounds like Luther Vandross. Paul McDonald reminds me of George Michael, he sounds like George Michael too. He should try singing some of his songs. Scotty McCreery is country all the way. It's nice to hear him sing. James Durbin is smashing. He is a total performer already. He reminds me of the  singers during the time of no other than  Steven Tyler himself. My favorites so far  are Scotty McCreery and James Durbin.

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