Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeds Starting to Sprout

I was so happy when I saw some of  my seeds starting to sprout. I sowed the seeds just 4 days ago so I was not expecting any sprouting yet though I had hope they would sprout soon. The sowed seeds are planted randomly. The packet instructions say to plant 3 seeds only  but I planted more since I have more than enough seeds in my hands. Also not all seeds will be healthy enough to sprout, so I just sprinkled the seeds on the pots and tray. I also sowed all of the seeds left directly in our yard. I don't see any sprouting yet on the ones I sowed  in the yard. We had severe storm the other day and the area around us were just drenched with rain, probably that affected the seeds planted in the yard. Still, i'm hoping to see some sprouts there .  Since I didn't put labels on the pots and tray I would have to identify the seeds on how they look like when they're grown. I even combined the vegetable seeds and the flower seeds in one tray. Definitely  that will be confusing for me.I will probably have to wait till they flower before I can even identify any of them.

Sown Seeds
Seeds have started to sprout after four days

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