Monday, April 11, 2011

In My Mailbox

I like receiving free stuff in the mail. In fact I eagerly await to see what's in my mailbox everyday. My husband said he's never seen anyone as crazy with the mail as me...LOL. So far most of the free stuff I got in the mail the past two weeks are magazines, free seeds (yep ^_^), an organic gardening book, and a pedometer Aside from the free mail stuff, I also look forward to receiving coupons, I like saving so i'm into couponing and into anything that saves me money.

I got  a free 1-year magazine subscription from coca-cola's mycokerewards so if you buy coke a lot, try checking it out for its mycokerewards code. You have to make an account with the website to enter your code and redeem your reward based on your points. I always get either a 10 or 20 point-code since we buy 12-can coke or the 24-can coke packs. But  if you don't drink coke, you can get codes not only from coca cola but from sprite, nestea, dasani etc...just check out their website to see all the products. The items you can get based on your points range from music you can download for your ipod, gift cards, magazine subscriptions, downloadable games, or you can use it to enter a sweepstakes contest or donate your points to a school and etc... there's a lot to choose from on the rewards catalog just check it out. 

Another thing I received in the mail today were the books I bought from books-a-million. They're not free but i got a good deal from buying it online than buying it from the store. From the store the price of the 3 books would have cost me more but online i got it on sale so i'm very happy with it. I did have to wait a few more days though before I can get the books delivered but it's all worth it.

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