Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing Plants in Florida

I realized gardening here in Florida is a challenge. I've yet to learn the kind of plants that can grow in this part of the world, with very hot sun, sandy soil and sometimes very strong rain. The seeds I planted on a seed starter tray have all germinated. I bought small peat pots and transplanted them but i'm not so sure now if they will all survive. The tulips and daffodils I bought a few weeks ago were destroyed by the strong rain, then burned by the hot sun. I guess that's a learning experience for me. These plants aren't really suited for this kind of weather but it's just so pretty can't resist buying it. Gardening here is a lot different and  cost  a little more. I always have to buy potting soil cos the sandy soil makes it hard for some plants to grow, the plants are not cheap too. Some of my plants right now are still in pots. I've yet to start putting them out in the yard. But I haven't decided yet where to place them. I tried transplanting my sweet corn plant cos it's growing fast and the next morning when I look  on it outside it was gone. I put out the broccoli  too that had grown  already for it to have some sun and the next morning it was in a jumble. It looked like I have another thing to watch out for, the squirrels in our yard.

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