Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Lemon and Apple Tree

I'm finally able to use some of my lemoncito for my iced tea. We make tea all the time and we drink it with orange juice, but nothing beats the taste of tea with lemoncito. And the lemons, smell so good. The lemoncito here is called "calamondin", it bears small green lemons that smell heavenly and is very refreshing as a juice drink.The smell reminds me of my home country, where lemons are sold so inexpensive in the market. My other lemon tree is Meyer Lemon, it has 2 fruits but it seems to stay green for forever. I don't know if it's time to pick them or to wait until they turn yellow. Right now, my lemon trees are all on big pots but i'm thinking of putting them on the ground to give them more room to grow, although I don't want them to grow tall like a really big tree. A small tree would be lovely though. Another thing i'm excited about is my apple tree. My apple tree right now is sprouting leaves, my husband just pruned the top yesterday as he was out in the yard cleaning up my garden.

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