Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby

It's the start of the hurricane season. We had nasty weather last night when tropical storm Debby hit Florida with rain and heavy winds. Today, the sun came out,  so hopefully, the weather will not be as dreary as yesterday here. Outside our window, I can see some small tree branches and leaves scattered around. That means some "cleaning up" will have to be done when the weather's fine. Our little friend, the cat, came by so early this morning. I woke up early too, around 6:30 and she was already perched up outside the window sill. She knows where she can find us when she wants to be fed. She became our adopted visitor when she decided we are basically "harmless", lol. It took her awhile to be a friendly cat again. I guess living on the streets and surviving on her own made her really cautious. We didn't find her, she found us. We came home one time and saw her outside our front porch looking so skinny, so we fed  her. And from then on she would come by and it became a regular routine where we would put out food for her. We love our little visitor but we don't let pets inside the house, so we put out a little house for her in the back patio, in case she needs some shelter when the weather gets bad like last night.

In Florida and the Caribbean Islands, the hurricane season starts from June till October, but as the weather is unpredictable, it can also hit during off season months, like May and November. Here's an old Mariner's Poem to share. This poem was published in “Weather Lore” by R. Inwards in 1898.

June- too soon.
July-- stand by!
August-- look out you must.
September-- remember.
October, all over.

or October, Not over.

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