Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fresch Taste Pizza in a box!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I got here in the USA, the first thing I noticed that was different was the food. There were so many choices  but I couldn't find one with a brand that was familiar to me. So I looked for food that I love to eat and one of them of course was pizza. I bought one that was in a box and all I did at home was  put it in the microwave. What I got does taste like pizza but it was lacking in some flavors. Of course with frozen food it's never going to taste the same as one that's freshly made. I told one of my friends about it and she told me if I'm looking for pizza that's really good I should try Freschetta. She said Freschetta has eight different flavors that I would definitely love. It has a thin and crispy crust and that even if it's in a box the FRESCH-TASTE  SEAL  guarantees  quality taste for its toppings and sauces. It locks in the vibrant flavor we all love from pizza while using only 30% packaging material. Now that sounds exciting to me, I couldn't wait to go and get me one of this pizzas. But before I get me one I visited their website FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™.


The different flavors of the pizza on the website just looked delicious, I was thinking of getting me either the classic bruschetta or the harvest supreme. They just all looked delicious to me and I would of course try them all one of these days. Freschetta doesn't only offer great pizzas but they also offer weekly giveaways and awesome prizes for this year, just visit their twitter at @FreschettaSI on Twitter or "like" their facebook page at to download a $2 coupon!  I like that coupon thing, anything that allows me to save, I'm in. So i'm definitely inspired to try my first  FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™  Pizza!


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